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One of my favorite flowers is Lavender. I love the colors of all the different varieties. I love the sent. I can’t get enough of it.Bee on Lavender

Using Lavender essential oil is easy and oh so very versatile. doTerra’s Lavender oil is Certified Therapeutic Grade oil. It’s quality can’t be beat! Below I will share some of the many uses of this wonderful essential oil.

  • Use with white vinegar as your fabric softener
  • It soothes insect bites
  • A few drops on your kids pillow or your own helps you calm and sleep
  • Helps prevent peeling of sunburn, also soothes the burn
  • Soothes minor kitchen burns
  • Apply to the back of your neck, chest and between your eyes for sinus relief
  • Mix with Fractionated Coconut to soften and hydrate dry skin
  • Use with baking soda for a chemical free carpet deodorizer

If you want more idea for lavender or to order your own visit my doTerra website

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