Self-Care Sunday



This week I want to talk about massage. Getting massages can help with a multitude of issues. Many cultures practice massage as a for of preventative medicine. Massage can help with some of the following:

Stress: Regular massage can help release stress. Many people store stress in their muscles.

Lymphatic Drainage: Your Lymph system is an important part of immunity. This type of massage can help with symptoms caused by poor drainage of the lymph nodes and keep larger problems from arising by stimulating drainage.

Muscle Recovery: Massage can help your muscles recover from exercise or competition. Massage helps to remove the lactic acid build up that exercise creates.

Childbirth: Massage can help alleviate some of the pain of childbirth. Manually stretching the muscles, helping to release endorphins and relaxing the mother.

Some other issues that may be helped through regular massage are: anxiety, digestive orders, Fibromyalgia, headaches, TMJ, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, and nerve pain  among others

Massage is not safe for everyone at all times so seeking a Licensed Massage Therapist is key. You will discuss any health issues with them and decide if you can benefit from this therapy.

As an aside, I am an Independent Consultant with NYR Organic and we have some wonderful products for the holistic practitioner. To purchase them or find out more about our wonderful company please visit my website.

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