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Let’s Party

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In my quest to find safe, healthy and planet friendly products I look at many, many companies. I want to share one with you that I am positively giddy about. NYR Organics! I think this company and it’s products are so Awesome that I have joined them and am now an Independent Product Consultant.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and fully 60 to 70 percent of what you put on is absorbed through your skin and into your bloodstream and liver. That is why is makes perfect sense to search for products that are not going to poison your system with chemicals.

NYR Organic has skin care, body & Bath, mineral cosmetics, hair care, organic essential oils and supplements. The product lines are great and I am thrilled with every one I try. I guarantee that once you try them you too will be thrilled with the products and the results you receive.

The company has been in business for 30 years in the UK and in its 4th here in the US. In the US the products are available through consultants only. It is the first of its kind to be certified organic by the Soil Association. This guarantees that there are no petro chemicals, synthetics, pesticides or other nasties.

You can order via me, my website, or host a party in your home. I am also willing to do fundraisers and fairs. The benefits of a home show are many. You choose a theme, invite guests for a laid back evening and earn Free and Half Price items. There are gifts for hosting a show, future bookings, based on party sales. As the host you will also be on the end of my pampering! Guests are able to sample products an I will share my knowledge. So contact me to schedule your show today!

If this company sounds like one you would like to be part of please contact me and I can answer any questions you may have. The benefits are many… training, discounted product, commission on sales, free training and support, no quotas! I truly believe in the products and the ethics of this company and can not wait to share them.


One of my favorite flowers is Lavender. I love the colors of all the different varieties. I love the sent. I can’t get enough of it.Bee on Lavender

Using Lavender essential oil is easy and oh so very versatile. doTerra’s Lavender oil is Certified Therapeutic Grade oil. It’s quality can’t be beat! Below I will share some of the many uses of this wonderful essential oil.

  • Use with white vinegar as your fabric softener
  • It soothes insect bites
  • A few drops on your kids pillow or your own helps you calm and sleep
  • Helps prevent peeling of sunburn, also soothes the burn
  • Soothes minor kitchen burns
  • Apply to the back of your neck, chest and between your eyes for sinus relief
  • Mix with Fractionated Coconut to soften and hydrate dry skin
  • Use with baking soda for a chemical free carpet deodorizer

If you want more idea for lavender or to order your own visit my doTerra website

I’d love to send you a sample of doTerra essential oils and more information on using essential oil in your everyday life, email me